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INFUSION 2016 Frizzante



Infusion 2016

Infusion 2016, Thornhaven’s new effervescent production is a Pinot Noir. Infused with CO2, this frizzante-style wine exhibits vibrant notes of ripe crabapple and melon. Deliciously pink, it will perform well on any occasion that calls for champagne.

capping the infusion 2014

capping the infusion 2014

CO2 mist infusion 2014

CO2 mist infusion 2014

CO2 mist infusion 2014

CO2 mist infusion 2014

Appelation Summerland BC
Varietals Pinot Noir
Alcohol 13.0%
Total Acid 6.6g/l
Wine PH 3.52
Residual Sugar 1.8g/l

Moreover, What is a frizzante wine?

Accordingly, Frizzante wines are known as ‘Perlant’ in French and as ‘Perlwein’ in German. Prosecco is probably the most well-known frizzante wine style, though Prosecco wines can also be fully sparkling (spumante). Asti Spumante is the most well known Italian Spumante style of wine. Wine Words: Frizzante and Spumante — Wine Words |

Lastly, What is the difference between Asti Spumante and Prosecco?

 All things considered, Spumante is simply “sparkling wine.” Spumante is NOT just Asti or Asti Spumante. And it is certainly not always with Moscato of any form. Prosecco is a sparkling wine that does not undergo second fermentation in the bottle, only in tanks which makes it cheaper and certainly not same quality. wine – Difference between Spumante & Champagne … cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/32185/difference-between-spumante-champagne

Finally, This is the primary difference between still and sparkling wines. In this step, additional yeast and sugar is added to the base wine in a closed environment. As the yeast eats the sugar it releases carbon dioxide. Since the extra carbon dioxide has nowhere to go, it pressurizes the container and carbonates the wine. Where Do Champagne Bubbles Come From? | Wine Follywinefolly.com/review/champagne-bubbles-how-is-champagne-made/

All in all, Novices and connoisseurs alike appreciate Thornhaven’s breathtaking setting and our love of the grape. Our approach to winemaking, careful and passionate, exposes the natural qualities and intricate characteristics of the fruit that produces our elegant vintages.

Additional information
Weight 1.68 kg
Dimensions 33.02 x 8.89 x 8.89 cm
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